8L dry bag

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1. material: 100% nylon pu water resistant coating

2. Waterproof index: ≥ 5000

3. color: varies

4. size: about 42x23.5 cm (H x L)

5. capacity: 8L

6. suitable for camping, drifting, hiking and other outdoor activities



1. suitable for short term rapid submergence (such as rain storm, dropped in water and retrieved quickly)

2. soft and flexible for easy storage

3. multi-purpose application storage

4. reinforced at all stress points

5. durable, clean and easy to store

6. Protect your valuables from dirt, dust, sand and water

7. Made of high-performance waterproof fabric and sealed seams

8. its roll-top closure captures all moisture and makes the bag airtight

9.it can be used as a fallback in case of emergency

10. can store food, clothes, wallet, first aid supplies and other personal items

11. it can be compressed and is convenient to carry.


Included:  1xBag


Please note:

1. not intended for full submergence underwater or for extended periods of being in water.  THis is water resistant not 100% waterproof.  Not suitable for electronics etc.

2. waterproof dry bag only, accessories not included