Partitioned Mini First Aid Bags

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Partitioned Mini First Aid Kit - EMPTY

This EMPTY partitioned Mini First Aid Kit is perfect for adding your own supplies to.  The individually labeled compartments make it easy for anyone to help in an emergency and keep your kit organized.  

  • This easily fits in your car glove box or under the seat.  Perfect for trucks, boats and other vehicles.
  •  Manufactured to be tough & endure rigorous travel, hiking or camping yet lightweight and flexible enough to mould into crammed backpacks and luggage. Plastic cases break easily -- this kit won't.
  • Color-coded label design allows for quick location of the needed supplies.
  • Includes number to show how many of each supply should be in compartment.
  • Extra space for your personal items such as ointments, aspirins and medications.  
  • Great as a gift for a family member such as a working or travelling son, daughter or parents. 
  • Color coded label  - Red=Trauma, Blue - Hygiene, Green-Info, Black- Utilities